Saturday, March 17, 2012

St. Patty's Night!

The other night I had a super fun night well actually day with Talei.  It started when Talei invited me over to lay out by the pool after I got off work.  It was much needed especially after having such crappy weather the past...I don't know lots of days, so I was so excited to join her.  It was the perfect activity after a kind of stressful day at work.  After we soaked up all the sun, we went in and decided we wanted to make a treat we just didn't know what.  Since it was a couple days until St. Patty's day, we decided to make some green mint chip cookies.  We needed to go to the store to pick up some ingredients, so out we went to pick up what we needed.  Its always an adventure shopping here in Hawaii because they don't always have a large variety of things.  I'm used to being able to go to one grocery store in Utah and finding everything I need.  Here, you're lucky if you're able to find it on the island.  That was the case in finding creme de menthe baking chips.  We had to go to a separate grocery store to find them...only to not find them.  So we used the Andes candy mints instead.  I didn't mind the extra drive because on the way to grocery store #2 an old 90's R&B song came on and a whole bunch of memories came flooding in.  That was the start of our fun night.  We got home and were in the 90's R&B mood so we turned on youtube and started looking up songs while we made our oh so delicious mint cookies!  It was so fun rediscovering these songs that I listened to when I was in elementary and jr. high.  What good memories!  We found some INOJ, Next, Blaque, Blackstreet, KC & Jo Jo, H-town, TLC, Tyrese, SWV, Keith Sweat, En Vogue, Toni Braxton, R. Kelly, Avant, and I dunno how many others we found, but we spent a good amount of time reminiscing.  Oh it was so great! Anyway we were jamming to these songs and enjoying the 90's dance moves on the music videos.  Haha some of them were oh so funny!  I posted some of my favorites below.  I wish I could post all of them but I can't even remember some of the ones we came across.  It turned into such a fun night and when Uncle Legran got home from work it got even better.  He started bustin out his moves...hilarious! We stayed up to about two in the morning listening to songs and eating our mint cookies.  Always a good time with Talei and Uncle Legran!  What a fun night!

Some of my favorite dance moves in this one haha, yes these songs aren't the most wholesome songs I'm sorry.  I can't believe I listened to these when I was younger and I had no idea what it was innocent mind.

I like how the fire fighter girls in black are trying to be sexy...haha they have some good moves too!  Oh the 90's, and what is with their outfits?  How is a black fireman hat sexy?  And black spandex shorts under denim shorts that are unbuttoned and folded over?  haha they're not the only ones with great wardrobe.  TLC has some great looks as well!

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